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hot standby
Hot Standby Description.
Oracle Rdb Release 7 and Oracle CODASYL DBMS Version 7 introduce new Hot Standby software that physically duplicates a database as a means of providing disaster tolerance. By implementing the Hot Standby, businesses with mission-critical requirements can prevent the catastrophic loss of data and data processing capability.
GlossaryHot: Standby Genesys Documentation.
In this redundancy type, the primary server always synchronizes its state with the backup. Data synchronization and existing client connections to the backup ensure higher service availability. In Enterprise Routing Solution, Hot Standby redundancy type is available at the High Availability Routing level.
Hot Standby VoIP Phone System Features Yeastar.
Learn more about Hot Standby. You are in need of instant communications with your customer, but the whole telephone system suddenly goes down without any signs. Hot standby is waiting in the background and will connect you in seconds, avoiding any business loss caused by unexpected server failure.
How to Set Up PostgreSQL for High Availability and Replication with Hot Standby Google Cloud Platform Community Google Cloud.
If load balancing is a requirement for your appliction, you must provide a load-balancing solution that uses the primary server for read-write operations and the standby server for read-only operations. Important: This tutorial covers a basic setup of two servers in a Hot Standby configuration.
What is hot standby? Webopedia Definition.
hot plugging hot swapping. hot standb n. A method of redundancy in which the primary and secondary i.e, backup systems run simultaneously. The data is mirrored to the secondary server in real time so that both systems contain identical information. Also see warm standby and cold standby.
What is Hot Standby? Definition from Techopedia.
Techopedia explains Hot Standby. Hot standby also is described as a failover technique to ensure system reliability and security, which is achieved by having a standby device or system ready to take over in the event of device or system failure.
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Hot spare Wikipedia.
The concept of hot spares is not limited to hardware, but also software systems can be held in a state of readiness, for example a database server may have a software copy on hot standby, possibly even on the same machine to cope with the various factors that make a database unreliable, such as the impact of disc failure, poorly written queries or database software errors.
25.5. Hot Standby.
Toutefois, il pourrait s'écouler' du temps avant que les connections en Hot Standby soient autorisées, parce que le serveur n'acceptera' pas de connexions tant que la récupération n'aura' pas atteint un point garantissant un état cohérent permettant aux requêtes de s'exécuter.

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